About ASBA

The Australia Spain Business Association

The Australia Spain Business Association (ASBA) is a non-profit organisation dedicated to serving its members and to promoting business, cultural and social collaboration especially between Spain, Australia and New Zealand.

ASBA has no political affiliation and its aspirations lie solely in providing a forum for the communication of ideas. In doing so, it seeks to be the key point of reference for Australian businesses entering Spain and for Spanish businesses entering the Australian and the New Zealand market.

ASBA began in 1992 in Madrid when a small group of Australian and Spanish businesspeople met to exchange business ideas and cross-promote cultural activities. It was formally set up as an independent association in 1994. ASBA is now comprised of individual, corporate and institutional members representing many parts of the private sector and government.

ASBA membership is open to individuals and businesses of all nationalities, whether located in Spain, Australia, New Zealand or elsewhere. Check out the Members Benefits section to see all the advantages of ASBA membership.

ASBA’s Honorary President is the Australian Ambassador to Spain, Sophia McIntyre.

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We are part of Australian Business in Europe (ABIE) who brings together multiple organisations representing Australian and Australian-interested organisations across Europe with the shared objective of growing and strengthening the trade, investment, business and diplomatic ties between the two regions.