Polyglot Group Celebrates 25 Years in Business

  • Polyglot Group has 25 years of experience and has built a global presence and network of offices that provide services in 9 time zones worldwide.
  • Polyglot Group has serviced over 1500 happy clients across a range of human-centric services, including Talent Acquisition, HR, Payroll Outsourcing, Business Setup and Language Support.
  • Polyglot Group distinguishes itself by centralising various business services under one roof, customising each of these to suit every type of business. Another unique advantage is its international presence and expert local knowledge in key global markets.

The new year is a universal time for celebration, but this year is particularly special for Polyglot Group. Whilst the world rings in the new year and a new decade, the company also celebrates its milestone 25th anniversary! From beginning as a one-person venture in Sydney, Australia, to now having a presence in six countries across the globe, the company has experienced exponential growth over the past 25 years and is set to continue in the same fashion.

Part of this success has come from the company’s commitment to helping businesses grow by nurturing their best asset – their people. After a quarter of a century in business, the company’s human-centric approach remains its trademark, enabling businesses to enjoy simple and sustainable growth – wherever that may be.

Polyglot Group has its founder and CEO Corinne Bot to thank for leading the company into what it is today. Whilst Corinne maintains an active role, she asserts that it is her team of almost 100 leading industry experts, working across 9 different time zones in 5 key service areas, which have been the collective driving force behind the company’s growth.

But how was this SME able to expand and succeed on such a global scale? Corinne says it all comes down to creating a strong culture based on shared values. What sets Polyglot Group apart is the company’s ability to live and breathe its own values of passion, trust, and, above all, care. Care for its clients, care for its teams and care towards fostering positive change.

From partnering with likeminded organisations to taking action to reduce its environmental footprint, supporting local causes as well as facilitating opportunities for employees to volunteer their skills and time, Polyglot Group strives to give back to the broader community.

“If you live by your values, and you are showing everybody there are things you will not tolerate, you set the culture – it’s as simple as that.” – Corinne Bot

As Polyglot Group’s global teams rejoice in reaching this milestone together, the company continues to look towards a bright future with big plans. Stay tuned!

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